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151540000 1582498 FIAT Punto CLIMATE CONTROLS

151540000 1582498 FIAT Punto CLIMATE CONTROLS

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To help you purchase the right product we provide you with a short guide.

Product origin: All items come from used cars.

Product code: in the presence of the spare part code in our product sheet, you must check on your product whether the code corresponds

Engine code: reported on your registration document under item P5. The reference to the engine code is useful in mechanical spare parts but does not affect the bodywork or the interior of the vehicle.

Difference Petrol or Diesel: Most bodywork spare parts are the same regardless of the car's engine.

Control units: All spare parts that are part of the car's electronics may require coding (even for a fee) by electricians.

Rear-view mirrors: If you have identified the same mirror as yours, beyond aesthetics, you should always check the wires or pins that compose it, remove the mirror from inside the car and count the wires or pins.

If you have any doubts: Through eBay, you can ask us any questions about the item, we will answer you promptly

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